Letter to the voters of Kentucky

Fellow Kentuckians -

Thank you for your support on November 8th. While we were unsuccessful, being outspent 45-to-1, the message was strong, and the cost-per-vote was much cheaper than everyone else running. Subtracting the ballot access costs from the equation, the cost per vote was 16 cents.

We still have much to do, and we must continue to push forward to try to put the state back on track. I've personally learned a lot about Kentucky in this race. I could fill a book with the adventures from the campaign.

Kentucky faces many challenges. They're not unique to Kentucky, but the mix of various issues have given us a bleak outlook for the future. The optimist in me, and the faith in my fellow man, says that eventually we will get things on-track for a better, stronger Kentucky. Perhaps that will happen some day, and soon. For our sakes, and the sakes of our children, I hope that is the case.

I do not plan to ever run for office again. It was never my intention to become a career politician, nor a perennial candidate. I prefer fighting the fight at the grassroots level and will continue to do so.

I am now returning to work to grow the Libertarian Party of Kentucky. I hope that you will consider looking into and joining us. While you may not agree with our platform 100%, we are a "big tent" party that works toward liberty, not toward amassing power and money. If nothing else, I hope that you'll work with us when we agree, and agree to respectfully disagree when we don't.

Thank you again for your support. The countless hours from volunteers will not be forgotten. We have lost a battle, but not the war. We must continue to work to defend and restore liberty, in Kentucky and America.

Ken Moellman